Mama Body was founded by Aussie Mamas, Jessica Spencer and Jessica O'Brien.
These childhood BFFS aren’t strangers to the hakuna matatas of motherhood, with a clutch of 7 babes between them! 
When Jess Spencer’s 4 month old bub began suffering colic and wind she made it her mission to hunt out natural, non-invasive relief for her little one. Bombarded with a bazillion chemical solutions, she sought out naturopath and herbalist Anne Cousins, and together they developed MB’s very first product - Baby Bliss tea.

The results were in front of her, in her now blissful, colic-free bub. It didn’t take long for her to realise how many other mamas were suffering the same stress she and her daughter had lived through. When Jess’s milk supply dropped off, it was back to the drawing board with Anne, and MB’s second product, Mama’s Milk tea, was born. Within days Jess’s liquid gold supply was as smooth as a Norah Jones cover, and she got the pump out to keep up with it.

The beauty was in the brews, and Jess O’Brien came into the fold. Bound by childhood memories and their parallel challenges of mamahood, the two Jess’s became a force of mama goodness to be reckoned with.

Together with Anne, this magical mama-duo started Mama Body with one goal in mind: to support all mamas-to-be and new mamas through nourishing, organic products in all stages of their pregnancy journey and beyond.
Here is a little bit about Naturopath & Herbalist Anne Cousins.
"My experience is herbal teas can help with a very wide range of physical and emotional complaints.  A properly blended herbal tea can calm the digestion,  improve your nervous system, and now, with Mama Body Tea you have a range of organic and therapeutically formulated herbal tea blends for mums and bubs.  Specific blends to rejuvenate and strengthen your body during pregnancy and post childbirth, to assist you during breastfeeding, and with a beautiful blend to help bubs when upsets occur. As a naturopath who’s worked with Mama Body Tea assisting in the selection and blending of the teas, I can wholeheartedly recommend this range of nourishing and delicious herbal teas.

Images by Grier Neilson - Bohemian Ekko Creative Studio