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Trimester 1.
Conception to 12 weeks
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13 to 28 weeks.
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Trimester 3.
29 to 40+ weeks.
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Mama's Milk Lactation tea helps increase breastmilk supply and helps ease colic and wind in newborn baby's naturally with organic therapeutic herbs.
New beginings
Trimester 4.
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Essential Oil Rollers

The ultimate soul-sisters to our tea blends. Aromatherapy is well known for its effects on the body and mind. These beauties are convenient, easy to apply and will pour love straight into you with every sweep.



Mama's Milk Lactation Tea Review

"The best-tasting lactation tea ever! I have tried 3 different lactation teas before a friend highly recommended Mama Body Tea's lactation tea. Your Mama's Milk tea is seriously amazing, it has been so effective in increasing my milk supply, I am actually pumping after my feeds now and building my storage supply for when I go back to work. I also love the taste too!  So grateful!" x 


Morning Wellness Tea Review

"This tea was an absolute lifesaver during the first 4 almost 5 months of horrible nausea. I was constantly in the bathroom puking and drastically losing weight. After drinking this tea I felt immediate relief! The taste is also amazing. Such a great tea hot or cold."


Mama's Milk Lactation Tea Review

"I just want to take this time to say thank you for your nursing tea. I’m a breastfeeding mum to 4 months old twins, and your nursing tea has helped me with my supply over the last 3 months. Before I had the twins I was already stressing about the potential of not producing enough milk for two babies but this product is amazing, and a few cups a day boosted my supply dramatically. And not to mention I was never a big herbal tea drinker until I started on your tea, but it tastes amazing!!! One happy mama right here!"

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"Our magical Mama-Duo, Jess + Jess started Mama Body with one goal in mind; To support all Mama's-To-Be and New Mamas through nourishing, effective and organic products in all stages their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey."