Heading into a New Year do you make resolutions?

Many like to think of the New Year as a fresh start. A time to dust off anything that didn’t quite go their way in the previous year and bounce right into a new one with a clear open mind.

Everyone has a different goal for their fresh start, here are a few favourites - 


REMOVE CLUTTER AND GET CLEANING - As they say - “a clean space, equals a clean mind.” If this is something you plan to do, there are plenty of less fortunate families around. If you are wanting to de-clutter just remember, “one mans trash is another man's treasure”. Many organisations such as 'St Kilda Mums' in Melbourne specifically devote their time to helping families in need. This particular organisation has local drop off points in many areas. If you are not located in Melbourne, you will certainly find similar organisations in your state. And if all else fails, head to your local Vinnies Bin and be rid of your clutter.

If you are looking for some good tips on organising your space, check out @misskyreeloves or @justanothermummyblog on Instagram. You can find a great monthly de-clutter calendar and other handy hints to help you start your new year fresh. 


FITNESS GOALS -  This is a big one for many women come January 1st. This goal could be to eat better or exercise more. Always keep in mind, if you have just given birth or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will need to check what level of exercise you are cleared to do and you will also need to make sure you are eating enough calories to sustain a healthy breast milk supply. But no matter what stage you are at in your journey as a mother or not, there are always healthy changes you can make to feel better inside and out. Find your determination and a great support network and the world is your oyster!


SELF CARE - Taking time out for yourself. It sounds so simple, doesn't it! However many women just don't prioritise themselves even for an hour a week. This may be one of your resolutions. If not yet, we highly recommend it becomes one! You could take up Yoga, or Pilates, both of these activities in many areas have options which specialise in pregnancy and post-birth also. Meditation is a beautiful skill you can teach yourself and this can simply be done with a good phone app and a quiet room. Whatever you are interested in, be it Knitting or Mountain Climbing, make it a priority in your life this year to give yourself a time out to just be you.


No matter what your New Years Resolution is if you choose to have one, we wish you the best of luck with succeeding in it! You are in control of your own journey and only you can choose whether you will be ticking off your January goals come December 2019. Enjoy your days, have adventures and surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and happy. Make 2019 your year and don't look back!

Happy New Year beautiful ladies! We can't wait to share more with you and continue to help support you through your journey in 2019 x