Mama, are you expressing milk or planning to when you have your little one and curious as to how long it is ok to keep the breast milk for once expressed? 

To save you going on a google hunt because we know you have more than enough on your plate, we have done the research for you!

The Australian Breast Feeding Association recommends the following:

If you have just freshly expressed milk it should go into a closed container. If you don't have a fridge or freezer available, the milk is ok for 6-8 hours in 26℃.

In a fridge, your milk should be place at the back where it is coldest for no more than 72hrs.

In a small freezer compartment of a fridge which is less than -15℃ the expressed milk should be ok for 2 weeks.

In a freezer which is seperate to the fridge, breast milk is ok to be stored for up to 3 months at less than -18℃.

If you can get your hands on a deep freeze freezer, this is ideal because in here your milk can stay for 6-12 months at less than -20℃. This option is best if your express feeding or wanting to build up a good supply of expressed milk.

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Happy pumping Mamas x